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I got this extension developed for my use but thought it might be useful for a few more affiliates out there. Basically it sits in the the status bar at the bottom of your Firefox browser window and checks your Commission Junction balance every 30 minutes. It has no official association with CJ and although I don’t expect there to be problems I can’t take any responsibility if it doesn’t play nicely with your other extensions.

This is how it looks in your status bar

CJ extension for firefox

and if you put your mouse over the balance it will show you the breakdown of confirmed and pending

cj firefox extension


The extension is free but I would appreciate a link back to this site from one of your sites if you are going to use it. It would be great if you could blog about the extension or tell someone else about this blog.


Install the Extension Now

There is a good chance you will get a yellow bar at the top of your browser when you first try this because isn’t yet approved by you for installing extensions. If you get this click “Edit Options” then click “Allow”, click “Close” and now try and

Install Again

Once you have done this restart your browser and enter your user account details by right clicking on the statusbar view and selecting settings.

Future Upgrades?

I plan to get a few more similar extensions developed for other affiliate networks but it would be useful to know which networks people would be most interested in using an extension for.

Feedback & Support

It would also be good to get any feedback if it’s not working for you or if you have any suggestions for features in future versions. This post is open for feedback and comments on the CJ firefox tool.

Stick Around?

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